The Bolivia Team

Hey everyone! It’s been quite an adventure since last year and God continues to provide as we move forward with our project in Bolivia. We have been so blessed by the community and support we have in Pittsburgh and are continually encouraged by the people in La Paz who are standing up to pursue this mission.

Today, I want to introduce you to a person who has been such a strong leader for the project since the beginning. Omar Sanchez Alvarez has and continues to work hard on gathering information about the communities we will help in La Paz. He recently retired from World Vision in Bolivia, attaining invaluable skills and knowledge over a 20-year career dedicated to helping others in the communities surrounding him.

I was thankful to meet with him over my time in La Paz. He attends the same church as Alexis’ family and Alexis has known him for quite some time. We gathered over coffee, breads and cheeses and began expressing our passions and motivations for the project. Where Alexis and I began a sentence, Omar would finish it. God truly brings the right people at the right time.

Well, enough from me. Here is a little bit from Omar, a note that he wanted to share with you as we continue to grow as a ChildLight family.

My name is Omar and I am Bolivian.

For the last 15 years, the Lord has taken me on a wonderful adventure of service to help children in poverty and neglected in unfair conditions.

What my eyes saw while working on countless projects of development and protection for children and adolescents, was a world without God’s love. I have had the privilege to intercede for them carrying the mercy and love of God to their hands, feeling His presence in each child’s smile.

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break yours Lord” is the motto that continues to fill my eyes with emotion and make me forever committed to these vulnerable children. I will seek to bring justice to their situations of violence in the family and in the streets of their communities, of alcoholism or of drugs, but all primarily rooted from the cycles of poverty.

 In recent years I have come to know many people with the same motivation such as Pastor Alejandro Villegas , Mariela , Rebeca and Mayra working in Bolivia for Foundation Paraiso de Fe and Alexis and Rebecca leading ChildLight from Pittsburgh, Pa in the United States.

I am sure that the fruits of our work and passion will become a reality this 2015 and 2018. God willing, with hard work and with a lot of prayer, we see these visions come true.

~ Omar Sanchez Alvarez


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