Back in Pittsburgh – By Alexis

I feel so blessed by this trip.

From the beginning to the end – God was guiding me to learn more about what he wants me to do and my faith continues to grow for this project.  During our time in Bolivia, God guided us to many places where we could see the effects extreme poverty has on beautiful children growing up in these environments. Beccita and I visited many places, but one place left the greatest impression – a womens’ prison where children live with their parents.  When I first saw their faces, I wondered if any of them have even a hug from anybody in the entire lives? The lack of love is evident in how they respond to both Becca and I. They avoided eye contact and pulled away from us when we acknowledged or spoke to them.

The children that we saw are 3 to 5 years old. When their parents are imprisoned, children are either placed into orphanages or shelters.  Because many shelters are overflowing with children, they must live with their parents in the jail or live on the streets. Some of the children who live outside of the prison beg for food and water on the streets waiting for when their parents will be free. Before entering the prison, we saw a child come to the prison entrance to ask if his mother could give him money or food from inside.

This month, the Bolivian government made a law to prohibit children from living with their parents in the prisons because of the issues they were having (you can imagine).  This can solve many problems, but brings another. Where do these children go? There are not enough shelters to house them.

It just makes our goal for this shelter even more important.

But, these children need more than a place to stay.  They need a home. First, they need love and then, so much more. God calls us to love as He loves.  He loves all. We are all his children and as followers of Jesus we are committed to bring love where it is needed. God has revealed His love for these children in His Word and in our hearts.  He is revealing his heart for these people to both Becca and I and we can not forget it and continue our lives as nothing has happened? We cannot continue just listening to and watching the problem of these people and respond by saying  “I am sorry.”

We see the problem and desire to fine solutions with God as our guide, saying YES to everything he calls us to.

These children need to know that they can be loved; they need a place where they see that they deserve love; This is the mission of “ChildlightUS”. We are not afraid of anything and we will continue working towards the goal that God has called us to. We want to see these children redeemed and God glorified in their lives.


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