Detours + Smiles

On our way to the infamous Lake Titicaca, Rodolfo decided to take a little detour to get a better view of the lake.  He took a quick turn off of the main road as Ali, Sabrina and I laughed.  It is always an adventure with Rodolfo leading the way.

Driving down the narrow dirt road, the lake and mountain view widening, little children began peeking out through a gate on our right hand side.  At first it was one little head, than two, than three.  Rodolfo stopped the car and the curious children began streaming out of the gateway and surrounding the jeep.

With Rodolfo’s clever detour, we journeyed across Escuela Soncachi Chico-Tarjara, a school for children in the area.

Before leaving for our journey, Ali brought a package of clothing and toys just in case we saw any children in the Altiplano on the way to the lake.  We saw this as the perfect opportunity and had the children line up as we passed out toys.

It was such a beautiful moment.  The children were so excited and Ali and I saw their smiles as another motivation to creating this shelter.


Iphone 227 Iphone 228 Iphone 229


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